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Welcome to the site dedicated to my massages

They are Unique, Sensual & Sensory experiences

Totale dei visitatori che accedono al sito web

The hand opens, closes, contracts, expands and every time it seems to read a presence or a secret

Hands are the true organ of civilization, when you touch them you perceive the warmth, love and unique emotions that only a few hands are able to convey

Massaging is an art that comes from the heart

When the hands, intended as an extension of the heart, begin to touch a body, an alchemy is created, a dialogue between energies

These hands are ears that listen, they are water that liquifies and refreshes, they are fire that warms, they are wind that cleans, they are earth that extinguishes excess fire
Experience the sensation of feeling two hands massaging you on your body

Trust with confidence and abandon yourself to my wise hands,  relax yourself e will sail on the waves of mental and physical pleasure

Relax your mind ...
Focus on the energy ...
Leave your body ...
feel my touch ...
listen to your heart...

My hands listen to the needs of a body to be massaged and consequently they will take care of it

When you get a massage, close your eyes, relax your mind, but open your heart

Tantra is the Way of Life .... The Way of Love ...

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Opening and Closing Hours

From Monday to Friday

from 10 to 18

 Saturday from 10am to 5pm

Closed on Sunday and public holidays

For more details on the various treatments,

read the pages " My Fabulous Massages " , or "Massage Info "


  Reservations are welcome in advance of at least two days and the request for appointments for Saturday, must be agreed within the week, exclusively at 3703333819

We do not accept last minute requests -

No answer to anonymous numbers or to sms 

  Make calls with visible number

Refrain from time wasters or anyone who does not want to discover an hour of pleasant relaxing massage but seeks other obscene services not inherent to what professionally  svolgo

The studio is located a few steps from Milan's Central Railway Station

and from the yellow metro line 3, sondrio stop

easily reachable also by ATM surface vehicles:

Bus n. 90 - 91- 92 - 43 - 81

(for more information click the study page )

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