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Tantra Ritual Massage

The word tantra  can take on a very wide range of meanings: it indicates in the same way the weave of the fabric, the shuttle, a mystical or magical doctrine, a scientific work but also the carrying out of a ceremony, continuity, succession and descent

It derives from the root tan - "expansion" - and between - "liberation": with the word tantra we will therefore indicate a set of ancient doctrines and practices aimed at the expansion of the ordinary state of consciousness.

Tantra is therefore a process to make us more conscious

It pushes us to wake up, to be more attentive to our body, to our senses, we also learn to use our sexual energy to become more vital through the conveyance and crossing of all our energies: transcendental energy, mental energy, expressive energy , affective energy, radiant energy, emotional energy and sexual energy

Tantric practice constructs and demolishes reality, like a game, until it becomes the true nature of things, the essence, the pure potential that explodes into energy and matter in every moment.

The tantric practitioner shatters the ordinary appearance by creating new existential structures. It is not a question of creative visualizations in the generally used sense, but of deconstructing blocks of reality and reconstructing other alternative ones. The goal is to recognize one's own intimate and intrinsic primordial nature under all appearances

It is the path of ecstasy which also through the use of sexual energy, the most powerful force we have, allows you to experience the body as a Sacred Space in which the ardor, the flame of sex is expressed. When the true nature of everything is revealed, even the most insignificant moment acquires an extreme beauty that shakes the mind. In this way, there is no longer anything ordinary in life.

Tantra encourages us to live life intensely, totally, freeing it from tensions, from preconceived models, from inhibitions. It is the path of the soul that also honors the body by celebrating the senses and experiences of life.

It is saying yes to vitality, to the sacredness of the body and to the joy of sexuality and love . 

Tantra is the practice that uses sex only as a means, in a healing context of love for oneself and others. In short, nothing to do with the intent to take control of one's sexual performance, even if this can happen very often as a secondary effect, due to a greater knowledge of oneself and of our reactions. bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Our civilization has historically prohibited the expression of love by condemning sexuality, the contemporary world ignores love while exploiting sexuality, the tantric must break these stereotypes and challenge moral precepts because sex represents the means through which we can arrive. to know love . 

Love is transformed sexual energy.

In Tantra, desires, emotions and passions play a powerfully creative role and are considered the medium that, through sensoriality, leads to the Self, the most authentic and free part of us: for this reason it is called "the way of pleasure" . 

It is a path that contrasts with hedonistic research, generalized materialism, romantic supernaturalism and religious integralisms, since it unifies sensoriality and consciousness, sensuality and spirituality in a subtle and profound approach.

Tantra is also called Vama Marga or "the Way of the Left hand" because the woman, who represents the lunar influence, the negative or left polarity, plays an essential role in this Way.

However, the way recommended here is not one of negativity and austerity as in most other spiritual systems, but it is a way of acceptance, pleasure and bliss. The tantric tradition clearly shows that the state of harmonious integration and spiritual freedom can be achieved through direct experience and living everyday life. The lower levels of consciousness cannot be effortlessly controlled and overcome without being fully and frantically experienced, intensely and totally, in the fullness of their powers.

The term Tantra completes the notions of Liberation and Expansion: it is, in practice, a sacred science that allows access to the Absolute (Brahma), through psychic and bodily expansion techniques that also concern, but not exclusively, eros individual, couple or group.

It is a metaphysics that allows, if followed with the help of the study of traditional texts and a qualified teaching, to leave the individual sphere, from the world as we normally understand it, and to follow itineraries that free from conditioning and limitations, first the psyche, then the spiritual mind, finally the whole cosmos, when it is possible to realize the identification between oneself and everything around us.

The goal of Tantra is to ensure that each of us discovers his true and intrinsic nature, freeing himself from all the limits and masks he possesses ... mind and body come together as in a dance and from this derives a great sense of well-being and awareness.

Tantra has the characteristic of merging the sensory, emotional and cognitive planes with the spiritual one and of being based on the recognition and integration of polarities (masculine - feminine, active -  passive, eroticism - meditation, control - ecstasy).  

In addition to creating a bridge between sexuality and spirit, Tantra joins two directions of spiritual research that in other schools are kept distinct: Control and Ecstasy. 

In Tantra the object of research is mainly that vibration of consciousness that brings together these opposite poles of subjective experience, along two paths, the active and the passive, both of which are practiced by the "Tantrists".

When a participant reaches a higher stage of awareness, through the control of the vital energy it becomes possible to also use sex to promote spiritual growth.

For the uninitiated, the sexual act is a limited experience, in space (as it is centered on the sexual organs) and in time (of short duration, limited to an ephemeral instant of physical pleasure): thanks to Tantra it is possible to expand the his perception of sexuality, transforming it into a divergent experience in which every cell of his body participates, every fiber of his being, and in which time in its common meaning ceases to exist.

The tantric achieves this by channeling the energy awakened by the practices by touching all the main energy centers (chakras) of the body during the ascent.

Tantra is therefore neither a philosophy, nor a religion, nor a discipline or a technique: it is a "way". This concept, unusual for the Western mentality, indicates an experiential path, structured and conceived to lead the soul - the spiritual part of the human being - to rejoin the divine principle of the universe that the soul already contains within it. self and rebalance the forces of the feminine and masculine through the use of the body, the vehicle that accompanies us throughout life.

Sexuality, however, being one of the most important and decisive experiences for a human being, is considered in Tantra an integral part in the personal and spiritual growth of an individual.

All sensations, all pleasures are therefore basically emanations of the Divine. The senses have the ability to experience delight and amazement, and then the practitioner will use them to increase his or her consciousness. As we raise the level of sensitivity towards the beauty of everything around us, we can get closer and closer to the sense of wonder and awe emanating from creation, which is the uninterrupted pulsation of consciousness that pervades any experience.

Tantra trains us to listen intimately and aware of oneself and of the other, also using sexuality as a vehicle to melt the resistances and conditioning of the Ego in the ardor, and lead us to the deep and pure encounter of hearts, to encounter with the Primordial Energy that is in us.

Tantra proposes a series of gradual psycho-spiritual techniques for the development and experience of genuine love. Love that does not invite the renunciation of desire, but rather seeks its refinement and transcendence, and in the trance of mystical union invites one to travel towards the beautiful and the pleasant, knowing that only a satisfied body can open itself to higher experiences. The body is in fact an essential tool, without which evolution itself would be practically impossible. If the problems of survival and psychophysical well-being have not been solved, inner peace is not achieved. We must therefore not forget that the two aspects, material and spiritual, are not mutually exclusive, but rather they are never clearly separable from each other.

It is the exact opposite of asceticism. According to Tantric doctrines, the body is the means by which the spirit can rise. The opposite of abstinence practices which conceive the body as the first enemy of the spirit.

Tantrism is the way that best suits the man who lives in this age which is not that of pure detachment, but that of knowledge, awakening, of the dominion of the secret energies contained in the body. In fact, Tantra does not aim to renounce the world, but rather to feel it with fullness and integrity. For too many centuries the life of the spirit and the ordinary life and of the body have been unjustly kept separate. Tantra puts an end to this dichotomy . 

Tantra is not coercive and no text attempts to proselytize. Free membership is considered a fundamental request and spontaneous consent is the only way through which one can access the Tantric mystery. incredible path of the tantric way.

It is possible to really meet, in a space of reconciliation where women and men can know their own diversity and find within them those tools that help to discover meeting points.

It starts from accepting yourself, loving yourself and allowing yourself to meet the other in pleasure.

Tantra integrates your sexuality, your emotions, senses and awareness, bringing you into a state of meditation, of abandonment.

Tantra is a path of joy.

It is necessary to be extremely honest with one's inner dynamics, and not everyone is willing to strip naked in a similar way.

The body in Tantra is in fact considered the temple of the divine (sacred reality) and is seen as the microcosm where the individual soul resides in order to understand the macrocosm of the Universe. The body is a mystical symbol for the Tantrics, only a vehicle with which to experience in this life and which assists us in the process of spiritual growth and in the process of acquiring the experience itself.

Without energy and sensitivity in the body and without proper use we cannot go a long way towards enlightenment. In the body there is a cosmic intelligence that guides us and manifests itself when we no longer use the body following our personal desires but using it as a tool for the development of higher awareness.

In Tantra, the meeting with the partner stimulates the sexual energy, called "Kundalini", to expand and rise along the chakras, the "energy centers" of the body.

At the same time, the meditative attitude, that is, of observation, presence and understanding, allows the energy of the spiritual planes to descend into the body itself. Therefore, the two energies, linked respectively to the earth and to the sky, meet inside the human being (at the height of the vital center corresponding to the heart) and it is said that man experiences within himself his own "woman. interior ”and the woman of one's own“ interior man ”.

An experience of fusion, this, that transcends the ordinary state of separation in which the human being lives.

Love, passion, desire are born "magically" in the encounter between man and woman. However, as daily experience shows, these fundamental couple ingredients often end up vanishing, leading to boredom and disenchantment.  

Tantra sheds light on the affective dynamics of life as a couple and also proposes  solutions to get out of the routine and actively cultivate, over the years, love and passion.

Sexual intercourse can uplift or "empty" us, make us feel dirty or give us deep joy, depending on the type of energy we put into it.

How many desires we often have do we not implement them out of fear or "because they are not done" and not for a precise energetic reason? energies regardless of sexual postures.

The ability of man to go beyond the vision of a mental world dominated by opposites and conflicts, to understand that he himself is the producer of this world, but also to have within himself the ability to change it, unite opposites, finally live in the joy and in perfect harmony with the true rhythms of nature. The race for success, for money, for power, for the abuse of one another, for the triumph of the ego are the real causes of frustrations, disturbances of personality, sexuality and depression.

Medicine can certainly fend off the blow with various therapies and psychotropic drugs, but it is clear that man's discomfort does not come from an intrinsic lack of it but from the relationship he has with himself and with everything.

Making sex a playful and sincere moment, a space to explore, enrich ourselves and the act of love. When sex becomes a routine performance, generating anxiety and non-relaxation, the natural pleasure it generates is blocked both in men and women.

Sex seen by us Westerners often resembles a test, a performance which, as such, requires competitiveness with oneself and with one's partner. It can be said that there is a transfer of competitiveness from life and work to the sexual sphere.

The condemnation and repression that sex and the body have suffered over the centuries, especially in the West, have distorted their essence, depriving us of the joy that comes from natural contact with ourselves.

We often forget that we are born from an orgasm and a healthy "eros" is a source of deep nourishment.
Unfortunately, this nourishment is hindered by the many conditioning and fears that are poured out on ourselves by the family, society, religion, morality.
This leads us to experience profound contradictions between the natural urge to pleasure, which is the birthright of the human race, and the conditioning that create the ideal psychological places for guilt and shame.
All this affects our life at its roots, leading us to a progressive loss of confidence and self-esteem and limiting our ability to love.

The invitation of Tantra is simple: experience sexuality with the fullness of the subtle senses that you have developed, rejoice in it in the fullness of perfumes, taste, vision and touch, drowned in the "here and now" of the intense pleasure that it it brings you, and at the same time it reminds you that the "samadhi" you feel (ie the sense of fulfillment given by the fusion) is but the pale anticipation of a much higher samadhi that awaits you: the fusion with the whole.

According to Tantra, the sensation that can be experienced can be described as an experience in which orgasm is of the whole body and runs through it completely, ending very gradually in a great ecstasy.

Sexuality lived tantrically, therefore, is nothing more than the finger pointing to the moon. Only the fool gets lost looking at the finger: the goal is the moon.

Once the meaning of sex as a symbol is understood, it can also be abandoned, although tantra has no invitation to do so. Basically, as the great masters have well understood, once the conscience is freed from the emotional dependence on sexuality, the latter can still be experienced or not, with the freedom of those who have risen to a higher level and no longer come. conditioned by the lower ones.

Through this path we will discover that Tantra is the map to awaken oneself, together with the other. How can this happen?

The first step is contact with your body and that of your loved one. Our bodies are the temple. Tantra teaches to have deep respect, gratitude, love for them. If you lose contact with the body, you lose contact with reality.

But when the energy of the body is allowed to flow giving it total freedom, one is able to be totally in the other, to flow totally in the other.

Thus the couple relationship will be vital, a source of new creative processes and spiritual growth

Even today, Tantra appears profoundly revolutionary. Perhaps, precisely because it is so ancient that it cannot age. It is not a philosophy to discuss, it is not a problem to be solved but a "mystery to be lived" and a "space in which to exist", as the Indian philosopher and teacher Osho indicated.

Tantra urges to experience the flow of life totally and in the first person, and in this it leaves no room for intermediaries

Lingam Massage

The Sanskrit word for the male sexual organ is Lingam and is loosely translated as "Wand of Light".

They are the channels of creative energy and pleasure.

What is the lingam tantric massage?

Only through a loving approach to the Lingam can your pleasure be intensified and your sexual problems healed.

The massage begins with a ritual. Whoever massages you will start from your head to the rest of the body with different massage techniques.

Then you will be able to enjoy the touch of the Lingam, surprisingly varied in the sensations, strength and intensity that it will make you feel. The sequence of this massage is the supreme art of touching while sailing on the waves of pleasure.

You will feel an intense heat on your skin and you will feel the depth of your most intimate spirituality. You will learn to control your breath and release energy by exploding into new sensations of tantric pleasure.

It will be possible to open your mind by learning to broaden your sexual horizon.

The classic tantric massage normally lasts no less than 45/60 minutes and can include, if requested, a healthy prostate massage.

Orgasm is not the goal of Lingam massage.

Lingam massage also affects the testicles, perineum and prostate.

Men need to learn to relax and receive. Lingam massage allows a man to experience a form of pleasure that he is not normally used to.

A sweet experience that will make you more receptive and a pleasure experience from a new perspective. The Art of Tantra teaches that there are many nerve endings on the Lingam that correspond to other parts of the body.

It is believed that many diseases can be cured by a good Lingam massage. The massage keeps the tension high for as long as possible. Again and again during the massage the energy is brought throughout the body. To be able to fully enjoy this massage it is important to control your breathing.

With a good Lingam massage and exercises, man learns to control ejaculation (premature ejaculation) and divert orgasm in one direction and ejaculation in another in this way he can become multi-orgasmic without losing. a drop of cum, but having an intense internal brain orgasm.

Orgasm and ejaculation are two different answers that you can learn to divide: the result will be a very extended and rewarding sex life!


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Yoni is the Sanskrit term for female genitals. The term indicates a plurality of meanings, starting from the physical meaning of female nature, up to allegorically indicating birth, place of rest, origin, home, fertility.

It is usually associated, like Lingam, with a Tantra Massage and is the final part of the massage.

Like most of these massages, it is carried out on a futon, the woman is completely naked and the operator can, if it does not create problems and is accepted by the recipient, be in turn naked or have the intimate part. blanket.

For my personal choice on massage, I prefer that the energy is different between the poles, such as Yin and Yang, as already specified previously

 The benefits of this massage are many:

- Disappearance of emotional tensions and stress
- Reduction of menstrual pains
- Elimination of pains during sexual intercourse
- Increased sensitivity of the private parts
- Increased natural lubrication when excited
- Opening up to new levels of ecstasy of pleasure
- More intense and easier to achieve orgasms
- Elimination of psychic and emotional blocks related to a bad relationship with sex

During the massage phase it is better to limit the conversation to a minimum, to create greater intimacy with your sensations.

Throughout the duration of Tantra you already receive very particular and sometimes unknown sensations, but always particularly welcome to completely relax your body.
Then when the woman is lying on her back, spreading her legs slightly, if desired, she puts a pillow under her head to allow those who wish to relax completely.
Starting with slow and regular diaphragmatic breathing, we try to relax the body and begin by massaging the legs, rising to the stomach, breasts, shoulders, arms and neck.

When the woman begins to relax the affected muscles, she pours oil into her hands and onto the girl's pubis, starting the massage in the Yoni.
The massage must be gentle, starting from the external parts of the vagina, the mount of venus, the labia majora, always slowly, with circular movements and light pressure, reaching the clitoris, the most receptive part of the vagina.

This should be massaged with circulatory movements, clockwise and anti-clockwise, then taken between thumb and forefinger.
The woman is not yet to reach orgasm, but feel strong emotions.

The next step is performed only if the woman is "ready" physically and mentally and begins with the massage of the '' G '' point which is located inside the vagina, in the upper part.

When you go to touch the spongy part of the Yoni, just below the pubic bone we speak of the `` G '' point,

with the other hand you continue to stimulate the clitoris, massage the breasts or other parts of the body.

The stimulation of the "G" point must be delicate but not as for the clitoris (it is in fact less sensitive).

It then increases pressure and intensity as it swells, and then slows down again and vice versa.

During the stimulation, the woman may feel the need to urinate, a natural and fleeting sensation, you have to let yourself go and try to make the massage continue without being ashamed of anything; or he could cry or laugh with pleasure, the sensations that the stimulation of the "G" point causes are very varied. You could also experience more than one orgasm within a short distance of each other.

Once the massage is finished, you gently move away from the Yoni allowing the woman to relax and intimately enjoy the experience just lived.

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