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Provisions for Covid 19 to protect the health of all people who access the study

Rules for the customer:

  • Appointment exclusively with telephone booking, preferably, at least two days in advance, on the date that will be requested

  • Call when you are near the office, in the case of si  you arrive well in advance of the time of the appointment and then wait for the authorization to be able to access it

  • Absolute Obligation to wear their own mask, during the entire stay at the studio , especially during the massage , not using models with valves, but of another type, thin and adherent to the face (surgical or better FFP 2) and preferably have the Green pass with cycle complete with vaccinations

  • Electronic temperature measurement with infrared medical device directly at the entrance,   with the absolute prohibition to enter or stay in the premises, if it was higher than 37 ° C, or in the previous days, having had contact with people positive al COVID-19

  • Sanitize hands with the special disinfectant gels, which you will find at the entrance, arrange your clothes and shoes, where you will be shown

      _                    No hugs, welcome kisses or exchange of handshakes


Additional extra hygienic parameters associated with the daily cleaning of the entire practice:

  • In addition to disposable towels and slippers, also for the shower, to disposable wrapped combs, there will be further precautions regarding the sanitation of environments with hydroalcoholic products (as per the indications of the Ministry of Health regarding Covid 19)

  • the complete sterilization of the surfaces with which each customer came into contact with Sanitizing device with atomization at 0.3-0.5 microns of hydrogen peroxide

  • Each time, natural air exchange is guaranteed , ventilating the rooms, combining the validity of sanitization with mechanical devices, such as air-conditioned purifiers with Hepa filters , regularly replaced by technicians specialized in the sector

  • Cleaning immediately after each use of the rooms used for massage, bath, shower, with disinfectants based on active chlorine and hypochlorite with high bactericidal and disinfectant potential

I guarantee each client that by accepting these mandatory rules, they will not influence or attenuate, in the most absolute way, the sensations and emotions of the massage, which will be performed in the same way, with the same passion and professionalism as ever.

  Sure of your cooperation to abide by simple health regulations, my daily commitment to offer absolute safety as regards everyone's health, adding a little healthy patience, we will all succeed together with getting out of this particular and delicate moment as soon as possible

Thanks for understanding and a hug. Noa

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