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My Fabulous Massages 

Tantra Massage
Body Tantra Massage

Massage performed with specific techniques derived from Classical Tantra and Kashmiro tantra

It is a sensual treatment, carried out with delicate manual skills, combined with the use of veils and simple breathing techniques

The massage will give you harmony, well-being and a state of inner peace, lasting over time and very pleasant

The Body Massage combines Tantric manual skills with a fine and elegant contact with the operator's body, aimed at obtaining the awakening of the senses, through deep meditation and intense spirituality.

The energies are concentrated, working specifically on the 7 main chakras to give vivacity, positivity and let the vitality flow throughout your body through the Kundalini, by activating the sensory system of your body, you can get the mastery to control your own states of mind and to regulate the pleasure itself in full autonomy

Recommended for those who want to relax, eliminate  daily stress,  restore your own "I" with energy_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d in a natural and harmonic way in your body

The duration is about 60 minutes

All massages are performed professionally, in complete nudity of both,  on un Futon original Japanese maxi-double bed very comfortable and large. Each massage lasts about 60 minutes up to a maximum of 90 minutes. The massage room is furnished with all the ideal comforts to ensure complete relaxation of the person and fully air-conditioned. The soft lights with soft colors and with variation of intensity continue_continue_continue_b3b-136bad5cf58d continu re-establish physical and mental inner well-being. Hypoallergenic oils are used,   if desired with natural essences and disposable materials, such as towels, slippers and individually wrapped combs. Possibility of showering before e after the massage, with highly professional products of great value.

The utmost seriousness and absolute respect of the operator is required, given the complete nudity, before and during the massage and if it were possible the total silence and stillness of the recipient.

It should be noted that in my studio no sexual practices are performed, but only professional and sensual massages, therefore the utmost education and respect are required between the operator and the recipient, to ensure that the final outcome of the treatment is understood in all its highly spiritual and concrete integrity

My Massages are Experiences Uniche, Sensual  & Sensorial
absolutely to try at least once in your life because give relaxation, tranquility, positivity e new psychophysical energy to start or end any day in an excellent way
The only small imperfection is that they can create some wonderful beneficial addictions
because every massage is never the same as the other, indeed the next one you will receive will be best
I am waiting for you to gently accompany you in my world
call me 3703333819  Noa
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