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Hello everyone, my name is Noa ,   I'm Italian and briefly introduce myself below:
Years ago I accidentally approached holistic massage and I was immediately conquered by the naturalness, the fluidity of the harmony of the gestures, in some cases comparable to a sensual " dance" , to the complex but coordinated manual skills of the movements, which can give unique, immense , unimaginable sensations and emotions to the person who receives it, for these reasons, I fell madly in love with it and consequently I realized my greatest desire  "to learn e_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ know the manual skills, the techniques to simply give well-being ".
I went deeper and deeper into the professional massage sector, acquiring in the course of my life experiences in my "wandering" in several holistic studios, also creating numerous collaborations with other professionals in the sector, on various massage techniques, specializing in those of relaxation , Oriental and Tantric, experimenting and putting into practice some singular manual skills aimed at the psychophysical benefit of the recipient.
I continuously update myself with various courses, acquire, assimilate other massage models and perform mixes of techniques, based on the person and the energy demand of the body on which at that moment I am going to impress my touch with my hands.
Energy is the basis of our being and must be shared, exchanged in a positive way and even better if transmitted as Yin & Yang, masculine & feminine.
I also customized and created the   " my Tantra massage"    combining different oriental techniques, working gently on the 7 chakras of our body (the main energy centers), helping to awaken all the senses and release the energy contained in each of us, through the Kundalini .
I combine the tantric technique with direct body massage, modeling in a unique ritual the "my Sensual Body Massage" , a mix of pampering, hugs, breathing and very special manual skills, to give very intense sensations and original emotions.
My hands will be able to stimulate you with absolute respect, without any vulgarity, awakening and letting the energy that is hidden in you flow, in an absolutely natural way.
On the following pages you can read the details of my Very Sensual, Unique and Emotional Massages, all performed with a mix of techniques extracted from the Tantra Ritual, dal  Californian massage and many others, based on the energy needs of the recipient.
I want to clarify that each treatment is carried out in individual sessions only and there are no couple massages or treatments with two people simultaneously or requests to attend the partner's massage.
There are no courses or lessons to teach the art of massage.

My studio is located in Milan,  near the central station, very easy to reach both by public transport (see the studio page ) and also by private car.
There are numerous car parks (blue lines) for car parking, in the streets adjacent to the M3 Sondrio metro stop, for a fee with ticket dispensers on the sidewalk sides or with pay telepass.
My location is furnished with every comfort, conditioned, clean, highly reserved for your privacy and you will find in my studio, courtesy, kindness, but above all the professionalism in every type of massage you want to choose.
I receive you every day, EXCLUSIVELY upon advance telephone booking of one / two days, from Monday to Friday from 10 to 18 (the last appointment is fixed for 17) and on Saturdays from 10 to 17, only for the appointments set during the week.
If I don't answer, it's just because I'm busy massaging and therefore, for obvious reasons, I can't give you immediate feedback.
All massages are carried out in a serious and professional way, in total nakedness of both, therefore it is suggested to be polite, to use good manners and a minimum of bon ton, to avoid asking for sexual services, because they are not inherent to any type of massage and you would offend anyone who seriously carries out this profession.
Those who want to enjoy an hour of relaxation and an excellent massage are welcome; who does not have the education, respect, understanding of my job carried out daily with conscientious  professionalism, but wants other entertainment  outside the theme "massage" is warmly requested not to contact me and seek your thoughts in other announcements.

For all treatments, a 100% pure sweet almond oil is used, obtained by cold pressing, without perfume and preservatives, suitable for all skin types and massages, totally odorless, hypoallergenic and if desired, with the addition of essences naturals 
Available to use the shower before and after each massage with neutral and high quality shower gel, disposable materials such as: disposable slippers also for the shower, disposable combs individually wrapped, gel and professional hairdryer for the hair and available to every single customer, hot and cold drinks, tea and coffee
Showering is mandatory before each treatment
Hello see you soon and ​ you will be waiting at my studio    370 3333819   _cc781905-5cde-3194_badd-136bdcc5 -1394_badd-136c5-136c5-3194_badd-136bcc5-136b58dcc5-136b58f-136b58d-136c5

***** The thought of a great Spiritual Master *****

The Art of Massage:   Massage is almost like Love


Massage is a subtle art, it's not just about skill, but rather about love.
When you know massage deeply, ninety percent of the work is done through love, ten percent through technique
The contact of love is enough for the body to relax. If you feel love and understanding for the person you massage, if you see them as invaluable energy, if you are grateful to them for their trust in you and for letting you act on them with your energy, then you have more and more the impression of playing a musical instrument. Not only the person, but you too will be relaxed. While massaging, just massage, don't think about anything else

It enters your fingers, into your hands as if your very existence entered it. Don't settle for  touch a physical

Your soul penetrates the body of the other and the most intense tensions melt away. Make massage a pleasure, not a job

Make a game of it and have fun. Massage is not an ordinary thing. It has enormous significance

There are few people born to massage. If you are one of them, your energy can go very, very deep

However, there are some things you should always remember while massaging. The person who massages has no body

Think of it as without a body and your massage will go very deep. First think of the person as having no body and then think of yourself as having no body. By body I mean that neither he nor you are matter, both of you are energy

When two material things touch, there is a collision. When two energies touch they simply mix, join and merge into each other

There is no collision. Two physical bodies are bound to collide. Whenever you touch someone's body as a body and they perceive themselves as a body, there will be a defense, a contraction. The defense armor will spring into action. So the first thing is to feel that the other is simply an energy; you are also an energy, then start playing with the energy as if you were playing a guitar

Make it more music than massage. Make it play more than work. Let it come from the heart rather than the mind. The technique must be known, but then forgotten

One should know the technique and then not worry about it. It takes root in the unconscious and works from there, but you move through instinct

In this way you feel the other person's energy, present yourself as an energetic phenomenon, and then two energies begin to play

Massage is almost like loving


Osho Rajneesh

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